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About Us

Life’s A Beach & I Was Born to Wear Sunhats!!!

Hey there!!!! Welcome to SnorkelOrDie.com!!!! 

“If you really wanna know where you can find me – I’ll be unwinding – Down in the islands, down in the islands – You should loose track of your timing – Grab a drink beside me – Down in the islands, down in the islands” Island Song – Zach Brown Band

I went snorkeling for the first time in Jamaica about 13 years ago, it was so amazing that it simply took my breath away. I didn’t become completely enthralled with snorkeling until I traveled to Maui to visit my dear friend Sean in November!

Sean took me around Maui, showed me the sights, but it was more than just a vacation…Somehow, in those short 7 days, Maui became “home.” As crazy as that may sound, it just felt like I should never leave. *sigh* I had to. But while I was there, Sean chauffeured me all around the island. We traveled “The Road to Hana,” drove the “back way” to Lahaina, we enjoyed waterfalls, mountains, fresh amazing pineapple, beautiful sunsets, gorgeous vegetation, wine, a sun rise on Haleakalā, bamboo forests, coconut milk (not my favorite), swam with sea turtles and of course the beaches, salt water and snorkeling.

Sean & I snorkeled at Polo Beach, Kapalua Bay and Hulopo’e Beach. Before I left, I told Sean I was going to get a “Snorkel or Die” t-shirt. About 5 months after I went to Maui, I took a cruise to the Caribbean with my mom & my daughter. I snorkeled in Costa Maya and West Bay, Roatan, Honduras. When I camE home, SnorkelOrDie.com was born 😉

So, for now SnorkelOrDie is my blog! It’s a place to see my snorkeling adventures! Soon I’ll be posting videos that Sean has put together while still enjoying Maui (*tears* I wish I were still there lol).

Hopefully this will become something more in the future 😉 But for now, feel free to check out our photos and order yourself a SnorkelOrDie Tank-Top!!!  If you would like to add some amazing photos/videos of your snorkeling adventure, we’d absolutely love to hear from you!!!!!! 

Contact us here: hello@snorkelordie.com Send us some pictures and tell us about your snorkeling adventures!!!

Hope to hear from you soon!  -Lindsey

About Us